A tweet

RT @intel: You could fit over 3,200 22nm transistors across the diameter of an average human hair.

I found this interesting tweet when I was looking for some tweets on social media. If we to read this correctly it will show that Intel is doing a favor by giving us knowledge about a new technology that will lead to a new product and it is benefiting Intel as well it lead to huge publicity to themselves.

This shows how easy getting the information is nowadays from very reliable sources, and mainly from social media websites.


Back again!

This has been a very interesting year full of progress and changes. This year I moved to an exciting position that opened up lots of opportunities.

As a project manager I consider the status-quo as the enemy of change, additionally I take change as part of life. The point is, I have joined an organisation that is on the look out for change. As part of the project management office I have lots of tools and processes to utilise and use when required.

One of the exciting projects for this year was a managed service transition for a customer specialises in logistics. The timeline was very limited and access to information on the right time was very critical in order to meet a pre-agreed go live date.  This posed a challenge for my assigned engineer and put a huge pressure on him and myself to manage such expectations, albeit the transition was the most successful I ever run.

What I’m liking most is the governance we apply to make sure we deliver projects financially sound as well as controlling overages across our portfolio.

Looking forward for more interesting projects and transitions for the remainder of 2019!